After you install RespondR, you will be prompted to fill out our profile and add emergency contacts.
After you install the app, there is a tutorial that shows you how to use RespondR features such as Emergency Call.
When you call 911 using a cell phone, virtually no data is sent to the dispatcher. They must spend time asking questions about who is calling, where you are located, and the nature of your emergency. RespondR helps reduce response times by instantly sending this data when you are connected to 911 via our Emergency Call feature. RespondR is the only personal safety app that can send digital information directly to 911. Over the last few years, we have formed the necessary public safety partnerships to transform the way people receive help in an emergency.
Unlike other personal safety apps, RespondR does not sell any of your personal data. We securely send life-saving information to 911, and we do not receive details regarding the nature or result of your call. Other apps keep track of your location and sell this information. With RespondR, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is secure and only used by first responders to provide better care.
Since RespondR is authorized to send data directly to 911, we do not need to hire third-party services to answer emergency requests, verify information, and then verbally relay the situation to communication centers. These outsourced calling centers charge companies based on the length of calls. Customers unknowingly end up paying higher monthly fees for a service that on average adds 8-11 minutes to emergency response times. By automatically sending life-saving data the moment you are connected to 911, RespondR can offer a premium service at a lower price. Everyone deserves the best protection when they need it most, and we want to make RespondR accessible to as many farm bureau members as we can.