Our Story

At Parrot Health, our team has decades of combined experience to provide you peace of mind.

Our Story

The founders of Parrot Health were profoundly affected when a military veteran in their family confronted a dire mental health crisis. Despite their training and resources, they found the existing mental health system sorely lacking in its response—an unsettling revelation that underscored the widespread gaps many individuals face when seeking urgent support.

This experience ignited a passion to bridge these critical voids, leading to the creation of Serenify. Central to Serenify’s ethos is Sigmund, our state-of-the-art conversational AI assistant. Sigmund excels in empathetic interactions, adeptly recognizing distress cues, and delivering evidence-based coping strategies. Complementing Sigmund’s capabilities, Serenify offers a comprehensive suite of support, including access to licensed counselors, networking opportunities with local care providers, wellness journaling, and customizable emergency contacts.

Serenify is a lifeline for those navigating the complexities of mental health. Whether you’re silently battling anxiety, depression, PTSD, or know someone who is, Serenify is committed to providing a steadfast and compassionate ally. We extend an invitation to aligned organizations to join us in this pivotal mission, uniting our efforts to fortify communities and ensure that no one faces mental health challenges alone.

Together, we can redefine the landscape of mental health support and save lives.

Our Executive Team

Jay Elliot

Founder & CEO

Federico Elliot

Co-Founder & President

Kien-Lam (Kevin) Lu

Co-Founder & VP of Marketing

Lynette Williams

VP of Business Development

Our Advisors

Danielle Organ

Healthcare Operations

Ramon Lizardo, MD

Board Advisor

Barbara Bond, MD FACEP

Emergency Department Operations


Tom Jackiewicz

Security and Compliance