Our Story

At Parrot Health, our team has decades of combined experience to provide you peace of mind.

Our Story

On a Friday evening, Phil was alone at home and eating dinner when he suffered a stroke. Nearly 17 hours later, he was discovered underneath his kitchen table by a neighbor who immediately called 911. After talking to dispatchers the neighbor called Phil’s longtime friend, Jay Elliot.

Jay arrived on the scene as Phil was being placed on a stretcher by paramedics, and noticed Phil’s cell phone on the kitchen table. Jay knew that even if Phil had been able to call for help, the stroke affecting his friend’s speech would have left first responders in the dark about his situation.

When you call 911 from a cell phone or traditional safety app, barely any data is sent about the caller. First responders rely on verbal communication to find out who is calling and what has happened. This process takes precious minutes and is further complicated when a caller is having trouble describing the situation in what could be the worst moment of their lives.

Jay was determined to solve this problem. Whether someone was experiencing a medical emergency or dangerous situation, he believed he could save lives by sending digital data directly to 911 when a call is made. He imagined a situation like Phil’s where someone suffers a stroke and only needs to hit one button to receive help, and the idea behind RespondR was born.

We didn’t create RespondR to be an alternative to what was already on the market – we made it to transform personal safety.

It took years to finalize working in partnership with leaders in the public safety space, but RespondR is now protecting lives across the country.

Our mission is to protect as many lives as possible, so if your organization is looking to offer a robust safety feature (or new member benefit) we encourage you to contact us at Parrot Health.

Our Executive Team

Jay Elliot

Founder & CEO

Federico Elliot

Co-Founder & Vice President

Kien-Lam (Kevin) Lu

Co-Founder & VP of Marketing

Michael Baker

Director of Healthcare Business Development

Our Advisors

Danielle Organ

Healthcare Operations

Ramon Lizardo, MD

Board Advisor

Barbara Bond, MD FACEP

Emergency Department Operations


Tom Jackiewicz

Security and Compliance

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