Engaged Healthcare begins at the emergency call.

RespondR automatically sends life-saving data to 911, resulting in faster and more effective emergency response.

Enhanced Protection When You Need it Most

For You

Peace of mind for individuals and families, with the ability to check-in and send your current location to trusted contacts.

For Organizations

24/7 protection across the country for your employees or members.

RespondR is a safeguard for any industry

Immediately available patient information is vital for doctors caring for critically ill patients. RespondR helps paramedics bring the most accurate patient data with the patient. It saves them time, it saves us time and it can help save lives.

Barbara Bond

MD, FACEP, Co-Chair, Sutter Health Emergency Department

RespondR is a great tool to provide veterans access to emergency and keeping veterans connected to those they trusts most. This platform could reduce isolation and lead to decrease of suicidal tendencies. A new and efficient app to connect veterans to their peer support.

Jason Chittavong

American Legion, Veteran Service Officer, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Commissioner USMC

Frontline, home health workers are walking into unfamiliar environments every day to care for patients. Their safety and security is one of our biggest priorities as managers. Respondr helps create a safe work environment with the push of a button. It protects the workforce that protects our families.

Danielle Organ

Tenet Healthcare

RespondR is Available on iOS and Android

Our technology also can integrate easily with your current solution – whether it be an app or wearable. Use the Contact Us form to find out more!