Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about RespondR


What is RespondR?

RespondR is the ONLY personal safety app that can automatically send life-saving data to 911.

RespondR's Emergency Call feature connects you to the nearest 911 center and dispatchers instantly receive critical information that allows them to send help faster.

Our technology empowers first responders to do what they do best - save lives.

What information is automatically send to 911 from RespondR?

When you use the Emergency Call Feature in RespondR, the following is always sent:

  • Precise location: RespondR is the only solution that uses device-based hybrid location technology to give 911 a clear picture of where you are.
  • Health profiles: 911 operators instantly receive information such as your name, age, weight, blood type, and medical history.

How has RespondR transformed emergency response?

Until RespondR, 911 dispatchers received virtually no information about cell phone callers. They had to spend crucial time asking questions about who is calling, where they are located, and the nature of the emergency.

RespondR reduces response times by instantly sending this data via our Emergency Call feature. Not only does this speed up response times, it also empowers first responders to send the appropriate level of resources.

Does RespondR sell my personal data?

Unlike other personal safety apps, RespondR does not sell any of your data. We only send life-saving information to 911, and do not receive details regarding the nature or result of your 911 call. 

Other safety solutions sell information such as your location, profile, and how you use the app. With RespondR, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is only used by government public safety agencies to provide better care

Using RespondR

How do I set up my RespondR profile and safety contacts?

After installing the RespondR personal safety app, you will be prompted to fill out your health profile and safety contacts.

The health profile contains fields such as demographics, medical history, and custom fields depending on your needs. This information is vital to 911 dispatchers in an emergency.

Your safety contacts are those who you can send notifications to with RespondR's Check In feature. Your contacts will be sent a text message with your current situation and real-time location.

Your safety contacts can include people such as family, friends, and coworkers/staff. RespondR allows you to add up to four safety contacts.

How do I use the Emergency Call feature?

After installing the RespondR personal safety app and filling out your profile, you will see the Emergency Call Feature.

If you require help, simply press the button and confirm you want to be connect to the nearest 911 center.

Unlike other personal safety apps, this WILL connect you directly to 911.

There is no need to test if this feature works. We work closely with public safety to ensure RespondR can deliver life-saving data and voice calls to thousands of 911 centers in the US

What is the Check In feature?

Our check-in feature allows users to notify both RespondR and non-RespondR contacts of their current situation. They can send a text message that includes a link that tracks their location in real-time. Should someone miss a check-in, the contact can call 911 on their behalf and provide the most up-to-date information regarding the person in need.

Does RespondR automatically turn on location services?

Location services are automatically enabled from Android and Apple devices when you call 911 using the Emergency Call feature.

Other personal safety apps either are unable to send your location to 911, or require you to manually turn it on location services in an emergency.

Can I use RespondR anywhere in the US?

RespondR can be used at any time and in anywhere in the US to connect directly to 911.

The only state where your health profile will not be sent to 911 is Alaska. If you use the Emergency Call feature in Alaska, you will still be connected to 911 but your health profile will not be sent. Alaska 911 centers will still receive your location and the Check In feature will work as normal.

Plans & Pricing

Is there a free version of RespondR?

Yes! Our RespondR Basic Plan will always be free and includes:

  • Check Ins
  • Medical Records

How much does RespondR cost?

RespondR offers monthly and annual pricing. You learn more on our pricing page.

Is there a family plan?

RespondR users will have the option to select a family plan that allow up to four family members to use RespondR. Family members have full access to RespondR's suite of features. All family members are emergency contacts for each other and can use the check-in feature to stay safe.

Note: Family plan users do NOT need to be in your immediate/extended family. You can add friends, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else you would like!

How can RespondR offer the best protection, but costs less than other personal safety apps?

Since RespondR is authorized to send data directly to 911, we do not need to hire third-party services to answer emergency requests, verify information, and then verbally relay the situation to communication centers. These outsourced calling centers charge companies based on the length of calls. Customers unknowingly end up paying higher monthly fees for a service that on average adds 8-11 minutes to emergency response times.

By automatically sending life-saving data the moment you call 911, RespondR can offer a premium service at a lower price. Everyone deserves the best protection when they need it most. Our mission is to make RespondR accessible to as many people as possible.

My organization offers RespondR as a member benefit. Where can I find my discount code?

Your company/organization will have provided a website that includes information specific to your member discount. This website is usually found in emails, newsletters, or print media and will contain the discount code, download instructions, etc.. You can also reach out to with any questions.