Miles (and minutes) ahead of other Personal Safety Apps.

RespondR automatically sends life-saving data to 911, resulting in faster and more effective emergency response.

Welcome to personal safety in 2023

For You

Peace of mind for individuals and families, with the ability to check-in and send your current location to trusted contacts

For Organizations

24/7 protection across the country for your employees or members

Time is the Most Important Factor in Emergencies

When you use the Emergency Call feature, RespondR instantly sends life-saving information such as your location, demographics, and medical history to 911. Our app provides first responders with enhanced situational awareness to reduce the time it takes for you to receive help in an emergency.


Direct Connection to 911

Rich, Actionable Data for First Responders

Simple + Powerful Emergency Call Feature

No Outsourcing Emergency Requests to Call Centers

Updates Location in Real-Time

Non-Emergency Check-In


The RespondR Difference

RespondR is unlike any other personal safety app currently on the market. We empower first responders with enhanced situational awareness so they can do what they do best – save lives. Unlike other solutions that sell based on fear, we offer peace of mind knowing that you will have the best possible protection when it’s needed most.

RespondR is transforming personal safety by:

  1. Sending life-saving information to 911 in emergencies.
  2. Not outsourcing emergency calls to third-party call centers.
  3. Never selling your personal data.
RespondR instantly sends life-saving data to 911. Other personal safety apps may instead connect you to call center agents located in different states or countries. In addition, many personal safety apps have been found to sell your personal information.

RespondR Technology

Here is how our RespondR technology compares to some of the best-selling personal safety solutions in the market today:

Authorized to send digital data to 911?YesVaries
Outsources emergency requests to third-party call centers?NoYes
Sells your personal data?NeverYes

RespondR is Now Available for All Devices

Download the RespondR app for iOS or Android below and start protecting your loved ones today.